Develop, manage, and scale applications with our compute, storage, and networking solutions.

IT/Software Outsourcing

Outsourced Software Product Development/Testing/Maintenance: Desktop/Mobile Application Development, Website Design & Development, Software QA & Testing

Cloud server

Deploy your scalable and Managed VPS within 55 seconds on our cloud infrastructure platform.

Mobile Apps

​​​​​​​Reach your customers from any device with a mobile application build.


Build reliable and scalable websites for you or your customers.


The Best Web Hosting

Video protection

Video protection against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution. The main threat to this business is the uncontrolled distribution of such materials over the network. Publishers always try to use audio and video protection, features should include: Prevent unauthorized use, watermarks

Education solution

Tools for students and educators to learn and teach.

IT Consulting

Proven solutions for Web/Enterprise/Mobile applications design and development, in Banking/E-Commerce/Mobile/IoT…verticals